Simplifying Logistics

In our effort to simplify logistics, so it’s understandable an applicable for everyone, we have created graphic concepts, which include in a simple way the most important parts of it.

We want to share these new definitions with you, so you can implement them in your organizations:

  1. The TYPICAL SKETCH is a flowchart depicting a standard supply chain, for all types of industries and services; its main characteristic is the simple display of a modeling, for any business supply chain and business model.
  2. The LOGISTICS NAVIGATION CHART is based on the typical sketch, however, its shows the three main aspects of Operational Logistics (Transportation, Inventory and Reverse Logistics) and of Strategic Logistics (Quality, Quantity and Opportunity); both come together in the concept of Logical and Physical processes in Parallel, that is to say, documentaries and systemic flows must always go concurrently with the physical flows of products and services.

 Why Typical Sketch?

Simply because the same supply chain is always repeated, independently of any service or industry; hence arises the concept of Typical Sketch (Typical Flow or Typical Drawing).

All the above definitions have intellectual property registrations numbers, and are available to all who wish to use it for educational purposes only, we hope you will find them useful and good luck.

 Editorial Team

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